Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Low Self-Esteem and Plastic Surgery Not Linked

Study Says.., This may surprise many people, but a person's overall level of satisfaction has little imput on whether they elect to have plastic surgery, according to a new studycase by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Chin Implants"This studycase shows the majority of people who want plastic surgery have a normal level of body satisfaction," said Dr. Richard D'Amico, ASPS president-elect. "We use the term 'look as good as you feel' often and it is good to know this is why the average plastic surgery patient has a cosmetic procedure. They are not, in fact, suffering from low or poor self-esteem."

The study, which involved 52,000 number of men and women of all ages, looked at 2 factors: how attractive they felt and their level of comfort in a bathing suit.

The results showed overall body satisfaction in people interested in cosmetic plastic surgery, other than liposuction, did not differ from people who were not interested. People who were interested in liposuction did report lower body satisfaction than other individuals.

This was true for both men and women, even when statistically controlling for differences in body mass index between the groups. People with a higher BMI and those who felt they were too heavy were more likely to express an interest in liposuction than those who were satisfied with their weight. This may indicate a belief that liposuction is for weight loss rather than body contouring.


"It is critical to remember that liposuction is not appropriate for weight loss," said D'Amico. "Liposuction is ideal for people who are at or near their ideal body weight, and have stubborn, localized deposits of fat they want removed."

The study also found 48 percent of women polled were interested in having cosmetic plastic surgery, while 23 percent said they were possibly interested. In addition, 23 percent of men said they were interested in cosmetic plastic surgery and 17 percent were possibly interested. Older people did not have a higher desire for plastic surgery. Instead, a similar percentage reported interest across all age groups for both women and men.

"People interested in most forms of plastic surgery did not differ significantly from the general population in terms of body satisfaction," said David Frederick, who is persuing a doctorate in psychology at the University of Los Angeles and the study's co-author. "However, Americans appear to experience greater pressure to be slender than to have ideal noses, breasts and so forth, which could explain why people less satisfied with their weight were more interested in liposuction."

Vein Treatment

The self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel" is apparently never to old for some self improvement.

Janice Dickinson underwent a tummy tuck and "mini neck lift" last Monday, Us Weekly reported online Wednesday. According to the report, the plastic surgery was performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan, the same doctor who performed The Hills star Heidi Montag's recent work.

"Janice knows people will think she didn't need a tummy tuck," the source told Us. "She's been complaining about a lot of extra skin [on her lower abdomen and wanted tighter abs]."

As for the 52-year-old reality television star's mini neck lift?

"[Her thinking was] she might as well since she was going under," the source told Us, adding Dickinson is resting at Santa Monica's Serenity after-care clinic.

Dickinson currently stars in Oxygen's The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Before that, she served as a judge on the first four seasons of America's Next Top Model. However prior to the fifth season, the now defunct UPN announced Dickinson was not coming back to Top Model for that classic PR reason -- "to pursue other projects." She was replaced by former British model Twiggy, who remains a judge on Top Model to this day.

Dickinson also appeared as a housemate on the fifth season of The Surreal Life where she -- surprise, surprise -- constantly butted heads with original The Apprentice diva Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

Like reality television, Dickinson is no stranger to plastic surgery.

"I consider plastic surgery important because I'm in front of the camera, I still model, and, quite frankly, I was noticing my skin looking like a turkey wobbler," Dickinson told Entertainment Tonight prior to her 2004 facelift, Us reported. "I'm just trying to hang on to what I got."









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