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Rhinoplasty Surgery - REPAIR A BAD NOSE JOB

nose job surgeryCOSTA RICA 2007-- If you don't like the way your nose looks, rhinoplasty can be an option to change its size and shape, but if you've had a previous injury to your nose, the process can be much more difficult. While the majority cosmetic treatments are relatively safe, this does not mean that each surgery goes exactly according plan. Recovery troubles, unforeseen complications, side things and low skilled surgeons can all contribute to problematic results. Nowadays Rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery, is one of the most common plastic surgeries, but like all treatments, it carries some level of risk. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having a bad nose job, there are ways to repair the damage and improve your appearance. With a revision rhinoplasty surgery, you can finally achieve the look you want and eliminate the effects of a badly performed nose job.

Medical Center plastic surgeon Dr. Graig worked on a patient who suffered a broken nose and currently has breathing problems and a nose she doesn't like. He said it would be a difficult rhinoplasty. "Her nose looks overoperated on," Plastic Surgeon Graig said

Difficult rhinoplasties are usually patients with a injury, cancer, birth defect or previous rhinoplasty, in which they feel they haven't gotten the best result they could. He said patients with those problems usually want to improve the function or the appearance of the nose, and often both -- which means a more invasive procedure.

"When we do a difficult or second rhinoplasty, we want to operate with it all open. So, we make a small cut under the nose and lift the nose up to see components. We analyze what we see and come up with a plan to correct it," Doctor Graig said.

In the case of the patient with the wrecked nose, the plan meant taking a tiny piece of cartilage from behind the patient’s ear to use in her nose, dr. Graig said.

Common Reasons to Have Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

There are a number of reasons to have revision rhinoplasty, from a past botched nose job to a severe nasal injury. Some patients may feel that their doctor removed too much bone, cartilage and tissue during their nose job, resulting in a nose that looks too small for the face. A skilled revision surgeon can correct this problem, sometimes with the use of an augmentation that relies on cartilage from other areas of your body or even a synthetic implant.

In other cases, patients may find that their first surgery did not take away enough tissue. This is generally the easiest problem to correct, because it typically involves merely completing what the first surgery should have accomplished in the first place. Another common request is to repair the patient’s nose to its original, natural appearance. While the success of your revision plastic surgery will depend largely on what the surgeon has to work with, chances are strong that your doctor can correct the damage and achieve a satisfying result.

Preparing Yourself for Surgery

Before you have review on rhinoplasty surgery, it is important to be both physically and mentally prepared. Always spend some time carefully researching the treatment and talking about your concerns with the doctor, questions and goals with your surgeon.

In addition to considerate the potential risks and benefits of this plastic surgery, you also need to have realistic expectations. If you go into your surgery expecting a perfect, flawless result, you may be setting yourself up for dissatisfaction. Talk to your surgeon about this aspect of the surgery in order to clear up any misconceptions you may have about your potential results.

Ask your doctor to show you “before-and-after” rhinoplasty pictures of former patients to get a clear idea of what you can expect after the rhinoplasty surgery. Also ask your surgeon about the rhinoplasty cost to prepare yourself for the monetary aspects of plastic surgery.

After Your Surgery

While you need to prepare carefully for your rhinoplasty surgery, you also need to make sure that you take better care of yourself after your revision rhinoplasty. Arrange for the proper follow up care and always follow the advice and directions of your doctor to the letter. Also be prepared for the unexpected. While the objective is to correct the damage from a previous nose job, not for all time be entirely possible. In some cases, your plastic surgeon may even recommend additional plastic surgery and other treatments to correct problem areas. By preparing yourself for this possibility, you will be better able to construct the decision that is right for your needs.


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