Monday, March 29, 2010

Upper Eyelid Surgery

As a person ages, drooping around the eyelids can become a common problem. This condition hampers the facial appearance of a person and can have serious repercussions on how people feel about themselves. Sun damage and heredity can be key causes of this problem and can accelerate the change. Many clients write to us at Better Looks asking for a solution to their drooping eyelid problem. It gives us great satisfaction to offer them just the right treatment for their problem: upper eyelid surgery.

This surgical procedure is also known as blepharoplasty and it helps to remove the loose skin, fat deposits and any dropping tissue forming around the upper eyelids. This condition is also known as ‘hooding of the upper lid’ (meaning there’s excess skin on the upper eyelid itself) which causes it to droop. By re-draping this excess, surgeons are able to give your eyes a more rested and youthful appearance, eliminating any traces of tiredness and old age.

Younger people can also opt for this procedure if they suffer from puffiness around the eyes from congenital excess fatty tissue. This puffiness of the middle of the upper eyelid and the inner corner of the eye is caused by herniation of fat.

Additionally, this surgery can widen the field of peripheral vision in those individuals who suffer from ‘eye strain’; it does so by utilizing the forehead muscles to aid in the elevation of the upper eyelids. You must keep in mind, however, that this procedure isn’t meant to remove dark circles under your eyes, saggy eyebrows or ‘crow’s feet’. Nonetheless, this surgery can be combined with other cosmetic treatment to enhance the overall appearance of your eyes.

If you’re interested in more information, please visit the eye surgery section of our website! You’re only one step away from getting rid of that droopy-eyed look. Send us an email so we can help you achieve the youthful look you’ve been dreaming of!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Face Lift Surgery

As time passes, neck muscles start to weaken and facial skin can loosen and wrinkle as well. Crow's feet can appear at the corner of the eyes, forehead lines can crease further and the jaw line softens into jowls. Sun exposure, heredity, weight oscillation or anything that causes the skin to lose its elasticity can speed up this process. Such problems are extremely common and a great number of Better Looks’ clients write to us in search of a solution. Luckily they need not look much further.

Our high quality surgery program would not be complete without including a face lift (rhytidectomy) procedure, a surgery that is now the third most demanded plastic surgery in the world.

A face lift tightens the skin of the neck and face. It restores lose tissue and returns its youthful appearance. This procedure is usually performed in conjunction with other surgeries to provide a fuller facial renewal, for example, lower and upper eye blepharoplasty. However, contrary to popular belief, a face lift will not alter the texture of the skin. Lines, scars and creases will return to their original texture, no matter how tight the skin is pulled. However, this surgery can be combined with different skin treatments (eg: chemical or laser resurfacing) to improve and smooth skin wrinkles and texture.

Even though a face lift cannot stop the aging process, it can make a person appear a decade younger, boosting your self-confidence and making you feel better about yourself. This is one of the core values we have here at Better Looks: we want our clients to be completely satisfied with the results of their surgery and to heighten their self-assurance.

If you are interested in more information, please visit the facial surgery section of our website. You’ll find all the details concerning this and other procedures there. If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to send us an email! We’ll be more than happy to help you on your way to obtaining a more juvenile facial complexion.

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Monday, March 22, 2010


In the world of esthetic treatments, many women know there a large number of available methods and medications to cure that amazingly troublesome presence known as cellulite. This, of course, without taking into account the never-ending hours a person would have to spend at the gym to make the attempt to improve their appearance. Thus, if you consider that none of these treatments is a magical solution for all, Better Looks is happy to inform you that mesotherapy injections are a very feasible option. This method resolves your cellulite problems if it is applied with discipline and correct nutritional habits are taken. For this reason, it is one of the most demanded treatments at our website!

Very few women are lucky enough to escape the torment that cellulite can bring. This condition is reserved almost exclusively for the female sex and it can become an important part in a person’s day to day living. Better Looks is very much acquainted with the frustration of trying everything on the market and seeing no results. Disappointment and even depression may set in due to efforts that do not receive their due. If this is or has been your case, then mesotherapy just might be what you are looking for.

The best part is that Mesotherapy isn’t limited to cellulite treatment. It has a variety of applications including: weight loss, face and neck rejuvenation and hair re-growth. Consequently, the injected solution is individually prepared depending on its purpose. Unlike other medical treatments, mesotherapy is directly applied to the desired area. This limits side-effects, reduces the possibility of drug interactions and allows for a significant decrease in the amount of medicine utilized for each procedure.

Mesotherapy is practically painless because only the head of the injection needle is inserted in the area being treated and no scarring is involved. Another wonderful advantage of this treatment is its quick application; it only takes a few minutes! Plus there is no recovery time involved, meaning you can return to your normal day to day activities right after receiving treatment.

If you are interested in reading more, visit our esthetic treatment section at our website! You’ll find all the information you need concerning mesotherapy and a variety of other treatments. Feel free to contact us to get started on your journey to obtain a cellulite-free body!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breast Augmentation

As most people know very well, breast implants or augmentation mammoplasty is a procedure used in cosmetic surgery to remodel the shape of the breast. Most of the time, the surgery is performed to increase breast size, however, the treatment can also be performed for breast reconstruction, like for example, in the correction of genetic deformities or after a mastectomy.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the third most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. Hence, it comes as no surprise for this surgery to be in the top five most asked for procedures at Better Looks. Due to this cosmetic boom, it is becoming increasingly popular in Costa Rica because of its low cost and rehabilitation facilities. Naturally, the beauty of this small country cannot be discarded when it comes to making the decision of travelling abroad to get cosmetic surgery performed.

So, everyone knows what breast augmentation surgery does and that it’s amazingly popular. But what does the procedure imply exactly? If I want to get increase my breast size through surgery, what do I need to consider? Well, to start off, you need to be aware of the various options available since the surgery can be performed in various ways. Additionally, you need to be aware that there are two different kinds of implants (many different shapes and textures) from which to choose from:

Saline breast implants - these have a silicone rubber shell filled with sterile saline liquid. Saline implants are the most commonly used implants in the United States. They differ in shell surface (i.e. smooth or textured) and thickness, volume, profile, shape (round or anatomical) and can be expandable as well. The majority of saline implants are single lumen and are filled at the time of surgery.

Silicone gel implants - which have a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel. In the 60 countries where silicone implants are available, they are used in approximately 90-95% of implant operations. These breast implants come pre-filled, meaning that there is no fill to be added when they are placed. The only real downside to a pre-filled implant is that the incision your Better Looks doctor makes will have to be a bit longer, depending on the size of the implant to be inserted. This is especially the case for textured silicone, which is a somewhat firmer than smooth silicone, due to the thickness of the shell.

A breast augmentation surgery generally takes one to two hours to complete. The whole technique of inserting and positioning your implant will depend on your anatomy as well as on your surgeon's suggestions. Keep in mind that different doctors work with different types of incisions/techniques; therefore, it’s recommended you discuss these with your doctor thoroughly before making any decisions. Technically, the incisions available are:

Peri-Areolar - a semicircular incision around the lower half of the areola. This is presently one of the most widely used incisions. The incision is made just beyond the areola (the darker area of skin surrounding the nipple). Your surgeon makes the incision at the very edge of the areola where the dark tissue meets the lighter breast tissue, aiding the scar when it comes to "blending it in".

Infra-Mammary - a transverse incision following the line of the infra-mammary fold. Also known as the crease incision, this is probably the most frequent incision currently used for breast augmentation. The incision is made in the infra-mammary fold, commonly known as the crease. If the incision is performed correctly, the scar should not be visible (except when being in a horizontal position).

Axillary - an incision in the armpit with a tunnel made through to the breast. This particular incision offers a scar-less breast after the procedure. The incision site is in the armpit, in the natural "folds" of skin, hiding it very well.

TUBA - an incision at the rim of the navel, the implant is rolled up subcutaneously behind the breast. This is the most recent incision developed by plastic surgeons. Due to this, very few surgeons out there actually have training when it comes to making this incision.
The doctors at Better Looks will make every effort to assure that the incision made so resulting scars will be as unremarkable as possible.

Once the incision is made, your surgeon will lift your breast tissue and skin to create a pocket. This can be located either directly behind the breast tissue (submammary or subglandular placement) or beneath the pectoral muscle and on top of the chest wall (submuscular placement).

As we just mentioned, there are several techniques used in the insertion of breast implants. The choice of technique may depend on the surgeon's personal preferences as much as the patient's relevant anatomy. Here’s some information concerning each:

  • Sub-Glandular - sub-glandular implants are placed in a pocket between the pectoralis major muscle and the breast tissue and subcutaneous fat. A surgeon may select this technique in a patient with a moderate amount of pre-existing breast tissue.
  • Sub-Fascial - in this technique the implant is placed into a pocket between the pectoralis major and its covering.
  • Sub-Muscular – with this technique the implant is placed entirely or partially beneath the pectoralis major muscle, lying on the ribcage.

Once the implant is placed within this pocket and the desired look is obtained, the incisions are closed using sutures. A gauze bandage may be applied over your breasts to help with the healing.
In regards to your recovery period, when the bandage is removed a surgical bra may be supplied by your surgeon and stitches may be removed approximately a week later. Usually, after the initial 7 days, you may go back to your daily routine without any problems. By the end of the first four weeks, swelling will reduce 75%. Additionally, it may also take around this long for direct physical contact of the breasts to be permitted. Keep in mind that scarring goes through various stages and may finish anywhere from a couple of months to a year after.

If you’re interested in getting a breast augmentation performed, don’t hesitate to contact us now! We’ll help you get on track to achieving the amazing bustline you’ve always dreamed of.

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Want to get rid of that nasty cellulite? Want to wear your swimsuits without worrying about how the skin of your thighs looks? Have you always dreamed of having smooth unblemished skin? Well, Better Looks has the perfect treatment for you. Say goodbye to that awful cellulite once and for all!

Hidrolipoclasy offers you the opportunity to lose weight and eliminate cellulite all in one efficient treatment. There’s a reason why this treatment is in the top 5 most demanded procedures at Better Looks: it’s effective, affordable and delivers just what it promises. A high number of Better Looks clients have walked out of the doctor’s office with a smile on their faces and a slimmer figure.

Now, so you know where the treatment comes from, the term Hidrolipoclasy is made up of three words: Hidro - meaning water, Lipo - meaning fat and Clasia - which means to break down or explode. The substance that’s applied during the procedure dissolves intracellular fat, making it a whole lot easier for your body to eliminate it.

This innovative and effective (but sadly not very well known!) treatment consists in the application of the above mentioned substance. The special fluid is injected in areas of your body where fat or cellulite is mostly stored; once the substance has been applied, an ultrasound is performed. The ultrasound and fluid combine to produce a thermo-genesis effect (in other words, it creates heat). This in turn burns up the stored local fat when the ultrasound generates sound waves of a certain magnitude. The combination produces an explosion that loosens and ruptures fat cells, eliminating them through the lymphatic and blood stream. Hidrolipoclasy also breaks up fibrosis, which plays a very important role in the formation of cellulite.

The treatment is applied across five sessions, more or less one session per week. During each session, certain steps are followed:

1- A physiological solution serum is injected in the fat tissue (that’s the substance we mentioned before).

2- The ultrasound is performed over the area that’s being treasted.

3- A vacuum therapy is carried out.

Before your doctor beings the treatment, certain parameters are taken into account: height, weight, waist, thigh and knee measurements. Also, the bilaterally of the folds of the skin and the wrist’s diameter are measured to determine the patients fat percentage, muscular weight, bone weight and residual weight are.


To start off, your doctor will mark the skin of the area you wish to get treated; the segment usually isn’t larger than 4x4 inches. The dermis is then thoroughly disinfected with alcohol drenched cotton. Next, the special physiologically sterilized solution and a combination of specified fat reducers, such as salicylate monosilanotriol and Triac (for those who are not allergic to iodine), are injected into the sub-dermic tissue. This part of the treatment may take around 7 to 15 minutes.

Subsequently, your doctor will proceed to infiltrate the area once more with a physiological solution that may contain bicarbonate or another component with a low Ph. For example, if you’d like to get your abdomen done, the application is done in two sections: one on each side of your navel. This application will not take longer than 3 minutes, though. You may also have this treatment done in non-traditional areas such as your neck or the upper part of your ankles or arms.

Hidrolipoclasy’s last step is the ultrasound. This is done with a high quality professional apparatus and you will only feel as if you’re receiving a massage. Nevertheless, the ultrasound is the most important part of the whole treatment: it’s during this phase that fat cells “explode” or “break”. Keep in mind that the area you have treated may swell slightly afterwards; this is because of the solutions that have been injected. However, this will disappear naturally in the next 48 hours.

The last part of the treatment is a vacuum therapy. This consists in sliding a pillow shaped apparatus with the effect of a vacuum over the treated skin; this will help drain the fat towards the lymphatic tract where it will then be eliminated.

The results are immediate and most women notice a significant reduction of up to two sizes in about two to three sessions!

At Better Looks we always receive messages from our clients, asking how often they need to have a hidrolipoclasy session. We always let them know that the treatment can be performed once a week or every ten days. One hidrolipoclasy session may take approximately 45 minutes depending on the patient’s specific needs. Women with a little more weight may notice a change right away; thinner women may take a little longer to see evident results. But whatever your case, you will see a substantial difference in a very small amount of time.

Lots of our clients also worry about the pain levels involved in a hidrolipoclasy procedure. They’re always very happy when we let them know that the whole procedure is basically painless! During the first phase, when the solutions are being injected, some patients feel a tingling sensation or at the most a small needle prick. During the ultrasound, the feeling they experience is fresh and pleasant, even relaxing.

The huge benefits of hidrolipoclasy are that this procedure eliminates fat without the need of:

· Surgery

· Anesthesia or hospitalization

· High health risks

· Diets

· Pills

Hidrolipoclasy is without a doubt one of the greatest ways to dissolve and eliminate fat. It is the perfect solution for people who are unhappy with their figure or that do not want to take the risks of surgery to reduce weight. You will definitely see results! Better Looks’ numerous happy clients will attest to hidrolipoclasy’s efficacy. Contact us today and get started!

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